"Periscope U" E-Course

Are you ready to learn proven keys to take your brand from Popular To Proficient To Profitable with the help of Periscope? Then get enrolled today!

Periscope U
A 4-Week Course Designed Specifically To Take You From Popularity To Proficiency To Profitability with Periscope!

Finally! After the overwhelming success of "The Periscope Playbook Vol 1" and countless requests for more insight, my team & I have decided to launch Periscope U!

I have personally designed this 4-Week E-Course to take you from Popularity which deals with identifying, attracting and then engaging your audience to Proficiency which deals with refining your broadcasts and positioning yourself for effectiveness to Profitability which is the place where you actually get paid for your story and skill set. 

I have experienced the life changing results that come from capitalizing on technology and I want to share these tools with you. In addiditon to selling over 200 books in only 2 weeks, I have used Periscope to succssfully attract people to my ministry (I had 22 first time guests at my Church Sunday who came strictly from Periscope), spark a spike in my conference registration and bring in over $4,000 just in product sales in 14 days. This of course was helped by my abiity to build a Periscope following of well over 2,000 people in just a few weeks.

Maybe you aren't interested in bringing in thousands of dollars above your salary or normal income in a week like I did or speaking to thousands of people around the world LIVE without having to leave your home like I do or even in attracting people to your brand or business like I have...but if you are, you need to enroll in this one of a kind course that will provide you with insight and strategies that you can't get anywhere else. 

What makes this so exciting is the fact that Periscope is still new technology, which means you have an opportunity to get ahead of the pack! What makes this so unique however is the fact that I will be presenting the entire course LIVE to you ON Periscope! 

You dont have to worry about missing a link being sent to you or being on a computer at a certain time, we are bringing the content right to you through a PRIVATE Periscope broadcast that I will invite you to on the designated days at the designated times. Don't even worry about missing anything either because my team will be archiving each session and uploading it just for you to access it and go over it again and again. 

That's right, you will have me LIVE on your screen giving you fresh, proven strategies and step by step instructions on how to make your Persiscope work for you and the best part is that we are keeping the class sizes SMALL so that I will be able to answer each and every one of your questions! Isn't that cool? Not only will you be in the private periscope with me, not only will I be able to answer your questions and coach you with your unique brand but the handful of others who will be present in each class will be equally as driven as you because they too have taken the time to invest in their brand. 

Connections with other visionaries, content that will revolutionize your approach to social media and the convenience of streaming through Periscope...it gets no better than that! Space is EXTREMELY limited so enroll today as this will certainly sell out fast!

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